Kate Bradfield



Honey & Hemp

Brand Identity | Packaging Series | App Prototype

The company Honey & Hemp produces all natural, organic beauty products.

The design solution for Honey & Hemp’s packaging is a very clean and simple feel to reflect the ingredients and the processes that go into making the products. The colours yellow and green are used to portray the colours of the ingredients honey and hemp. The text is very simple and contrasts with the colour-blocked background. The honeycomb illustration with the text is used to shop the products intensity level. 

I created a mobile application for new, potential and existing product users to connect, learn and shop the products and the brand. The app allows for users to ask and answer questions, inquiries and reviews about the Honey&Hemp products right in the app. It also allows users to easily shop the products and purchase them within the app. I used the branding colours, yellow and green throughout the app for full colour screens, buttons, form fields and other elements so the whole app is on brand and reflects the same values the packages do. The header across the shop page which reads “FREE SHIPPING” is able to change according to promotions, events and discount codes. The app promotes community and support within shoppers with the forum section. It promotes transparency among companies in the beauty industry in their ingredients and practices with articles and ingredient lists. And lastly, it promotes an ease of shopping products

The target audience for these products is mostly women, but also men aged 20-30 who value natural products and are environmentally conscious.