Kate Bradfield
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Arthur Coffee Co.


Arthur Coffee Roasters Co. 

Brand Identity | Coffee Bag Design

Arthur Coffee Roasters Co. is a house brand of coffee from a café that is sold at both the café and grocery shops. The design concept is inspired by mid-century tropical designs, as shown in the mood board. This nods to the story of the founders, who travelled tropical countries experiencing the coffee of the different regions in the 1950’s. 

The muted pastel colours lend to the charcoal background and give it a vintage, authentic feel. The illustrated pattern portrays the origins of the coffee, the leaf, berry and coffee bean. It provides an eye-catching mosaic as well as helping the consumer recognize the product. The labels on the coffee are made to look as though the roaster filled out each one by hand when roasting in small batches. 

The target audience for Arthur Coffee is men and women aged 20-35 that are regular coffee drinkers, but not self-identified coffee connoisseurs.  It is a more affordable brand, but higher end than traditional brands like Folgers, Maxwell House and Nabob and more on par with Starbucks coffee. 

A video of the process work of the hand-lettered logo.

A video of the process work of the hand-lettered logo.